Finding a place to get your nails done in the Atascocita area isn’t hard these days. There’s lots of choices when it comes to nail salons, some old and some new. When choosing where to go for that next manicure or pedicure be sure to ask around. A lot of times one of your friends probably already has a good place to go. If you don’t have that trusted friend to rely on, make sure you check all of the Google reviews for nail salons in the Lake Houston Area. Besides looking at the star rating, make sure you also read through the reviews to see what other people loved or problems they had with each salon. Great customer service is a must but the most important part of choosing your go-to nail salon is making sure it’s sanitary. Make sure the nail technicians are using brand new nail files and buffers. If they are using files or buffers that have white powdery material on them, that’s other people’s nail residue and skin. This is one of the ways that nail fungus is transferred from one client to another. This can lead to a serious nail and/or skin infection. Don’t be afraid to ask them to use a brand new set of files and buffers.

Here at Just Got Nailed, we take sanitation very seriously. We don’t reuse files and buffers that are meant for one-time use. We use the State Regulatory Agency’s recommended cleaning protocol for all of our nail implements used for manicures and pedicures. We don’t use “whirlpool” style pedicure bowls that can harbor nasty bacteria and fungi.

Inside of Just Got Nailed salon with polish racks on wall
Inside of nail salon with polish racks